The trend has begun. To the delight of car enthusiasts in Jamaica, our roads have become increasingly lit with exotic super cars having mind-blowing price tags. These cars don’t just turn heads in Jamaica, they turn heads in New York and London too.

In 2008 a Bentley Continental GT was spotted in Jamaica and instantly it became a huge buzz. People were perplexed as to how someone managed to bring a Bentley here and wanted to know who owned it.

bentley in jamaica
Bentley Continental GT


Fast forward to 2018 and we see how the list of super cars have grown tremendously.


The list of Super Cars continue to grow

Despite the mammoth price of these awesome machines, they continue  to multiply on our roads. It seems as if price is just a number these days…….for some people at least 🙂 .

What makes a car a super car though? The term “super car” is somewhat subjective. But the standard I am working with here is simple. The requirements are:

  • Capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.0 seconds or very close
  • Has a top speed of at least 190 mph
  • Possess all the performance amenities that allow for cornering at high speeds and short distance braking from high speeds

Here’s my short list of super cars currently in Jamaica:

  • Aston Martin v8 Vantage
  • Ferrari 458 Italia
  • Mercedes AMG GTR (beast of green hell)
  • Mercedes AMG GTS
  • Mercedes SLS AMG
  • Porshce 911 Turbo
  • Bentley Continental GT
  • BMW M6
  • Chevy Corvette Z06
  • Nissan GTR

Other models worth mentioning are the BMW M4, Porsche Cayman GTS and Jaguar F-Type, of which there are several copies on our roads.

However, as I am sure most would agree, the current top three hottest cars are the AMG GTR, SLS AMG and the Ferrari 458 Italia. Let’s consider all three.


Ferrari 458 Italia: This 458 Italia has amazing specs. The most notable being that this car has the optional carbon ceramic brakes. That option alone costs around $12,000 USD which translates to approximately 1.5 million Jamaican dollars. That amount of money gets you a decent second hand car in Jamaica. The Ferrari is reported to cost about 55 million JMD.

ferrari in jamaica
Ferrari 458 Italia


Mercedes SLS AMG: By far, this may be the most expensive car in our island. It reportedly costs about 65 Million JMD to have it on Jamaican Roads. Now let that sink in. While you’re at it, think about what 65 Million dollars could afford you  😁.



Mercedes AMG GTR: It is arguably the most track focused of all supercars here. This car currently has the title of being the fastest rear wheel drive car around the Nurburgring in the world”. Ladies and gentlemen, that title is a very big deal. This car reportedly costs about 46 million Jamaican dollars.

Mercedes AMG GTR


The SLS AMG, AMG GTR and Ferarri 458 Italia are testimony to the fact that it’s just a matter of time before other super car models arrive in Jamaica.

Seeing a Lamborghini Aventador before 2018 ends would be no surprise.


Super SUVs are here too

When Porsche launched the Cayenne Turbo in 2002, it inadvertently created the Super SUV segment and had no rival back then. Today though, things have changed.

BMW launched it’s X5 M, a solid competitor to the Cayenne Turbo, in April 2009. Soon after, other car brands rushed into the super SUV segment with compelling offers.

Super SUVs


Here’s the short list of models that are known to be here:

  • Porsche Cayenne Turbo
  • BMW X5 M
  • BMW X6 M
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT
  • Range Rover Sport SVR
  • Jaguar F-PACE 35t
  • Mercedes GLE 63 AMG
  • Mercedes GL 63 AMG
  • Mercedes G 63 AMG
  • Audi S Q5

As said before, price seems to be just a number these days. Some of these SUVs cost close to 40 Million dollars and yet there are several copies of each on our roads.

Also, allow me to point out that your Lancer Evolution or WRX STi doesn’t stand a chance with any of these glorious machines 😁.


Jamaica has strong appetite for high-end luxury brands

Fun FactJamaica is by far the biggest market in the Caribbean for both BMW and Mercedes Benz. The runner up doesn’t even come close in terms of sales volumes. And this speaks volumes.

When it was announced that a Porsche dealership was coming to Jamaica there were doubts of it having any success. Well, Porsche is now here and they are selling Panameras, Macans and Cayennes.

Jaguar is here too and it seems they are having quite a rave with the F-Pace.


The trend will continue

The super car trend is here to stay. As Jamaica becomes more developed, especially in light of the ongoing upgrades to road infrastructure, super car would-be-owners may be prodded to take that big step.

Who knows, maybe a Bughatti Veyron is now on the wharf awaiting paperwork.

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